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Monopoly: (3m, 3f)

In this  90-minute drama-comedy, a  young, white couple's game night hosting etiquette is put to to the test when a double date  with the mixed race couple next door forces them to confront the issues surrounding  race, sex, and privilege in America. 



Young at Heart: (8-10 actors, gender flexible)

This one act musical weaves together Broadway classics old and new to tell the story of Dottie, a young orphan preparing for her first day of Magic School. When the school bullies tease her for not having discovered her power yet, she goes on a wild journey to find the magic within and discovers the power of love and friendship along the way.  2015 Los Angeles County Community Tour produced by Ensemble Theatre Company and Musical Theatre Repertory at USC. 


Whoop-Ass: (1m, 2w)

This 10-minute metaphysical drama places the audience in the center of action by creating a world in which a misogynist male show-host invites two audience volunteers up on stage: a random man and a woman acting as a volunteer. When the woman refuses to participate in the host's chauvenist exercises, the audience must decide: who has the courage to stand up to the man and defend oppressed women trapped in this microcosm of the patriarchy? Accepted to the Manhattan Repertory Theatre's Semptember 2016 10-Minute Play Competition. 

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